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Toyota Estima 2004 self contained ( with a lot of camping equipment) – $5,399

Christchurch Central City


***german-version below***

Campervan Toyota Estima 2004 fully self contained for sale !

price :$5,399

when and where ? from the 16.04. in Christchurch available , but also possible earlier, in the near of Wanaka/ Queenstown

Hey guys 😊,
our trip in this beautiful country comes slowly to an end. That‘s why we have to sell our lovely campervan „Jeff“, that brang us always save and without any problems to our next destination.

now the details:

Toyota Estima
building year: 2004
kilometre: 241.000 km
petrol 91 unleaded
automatic transmission
rego: until 30.07.2018
wof : until 27.11.2018
self contained : until 23.11.2021

The campervan is self contained and has 2 25 l containers in the back, one for the freshwater, which can be used in the sink, another one for the waste water …. The car has 5 doors and electrical back doors. In addition climate system, radio with aux and a good sound system, tires in a good condition, central locking system, cigarette lighter, drink holder, various storage compartments, and a lot of storage place with suitable boxes for a good order… Moreover you can push the one wooden panel up on the other so that you can you also sit inside and use the table on the wall, when it rains. (matresses and pillows are included) For the darkness, there are some small LED‘s on the ceiling with warm light. On the outside are some small scratches and dents, which are not really obvious.
Before we bought the car, we did a professional mechanical check that could not find any problems with the engine/ transmission or other things.
In conclusion, the car is in a very good condition and we have been the first backpackers who owned the car.
Of course you can do a test drive with „Jeff“, to make your own experience with the good feeling of driving.

In addition a lot of camping equipment :

– 2 x camping chairs
– 1 x camping table
– 2 x camping cooker
– 1 x small camping cooker for hiking/outdoor
– a lot of small and big boxes
– 1x „kitchen box“ ( including everything you need to create a perfect meal – and of course to eat it…just check out the pictures )
– 1x box of spices ( salt, pepper, olive oil…)
– 1x laundry box ( clothesline, pegs…)
– 2x long boxes for food
– 2x long boxes for other stuff
– 1x big, wide box
– 1x hand brush and dustpan, detergents…
– 1x audio cable
– 1x mobile phone charger with 2 connections – for the cigarette lighter
– 1x fishing rod
– 1x tent, a roll mat and many bottles of gas
– other things ( for example starting cable, matches, repellent, soap etc…)

From 1st February 2018, toilets of „self-contained“ vehicles need to be accessible and usable at all times. But our vehicle has got the registration for „self-contained“ until 23.11.2021. That means, that you can keep the old portable toilet ( big advantage ).
Moreover you will get the rest of our food, so you are ready to start your adventure.

If you are interested, just send me a pm on FB,

Yours sincerely,

Tom and Felix



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