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Toyota Estima 2000 SELF CONTAINED, wof and rego ok ! Available now – €4,500


We are selling our self-contained campervan. Wof and rego ok!
What makes it awesome:
FIRST GENERATION CAMPERVAN (rebuilt by a company in Auckland) –> completely technical checked (all bills are kept)
3,0l V6 with 220 (!) HP (very strong and helpful for the mountainous roads)
You can convert the sleeping room into a living / dining room (done in 2 minutes).
Only 2 MONTHS of use.
New windscreen
Park distance control (PDC)
It comes with numerous kitchen accessories (see kitchen).
2000 Toyota Estima
only 247xxx km
Self-contained certified – 21/09/21 (enables to stay on plenty camping sides)
WOF: 08/18
Rego : 30/04/18
Petrol 91 regular (8,5l per 100km)
We bought a new power car battery during our trip !!!!!!
Radio with zapper
Air conditioner (hot and cold)
PDC (front and back)
USB and AUX plugs
Sleeping room:
Bed with 4 comfy foam mattresses and 2 soft camping mats
2 pillows
1 huge blanket for 2
1 blanket for 1
Curtain for every window (outside white to minimise the heat and inside black to have a dark night)
2 chain of lights
Living room:
Indoor table
2 indoor benches with cushions (suits up for at least 4 people)
2 spacious cupboards under the bed/benches (with 1 portable chemical toilet)
1 sink with a pumping tap
2 25l water tanks
1 gas stove
COOKING UTENSILS : 3 saucepans and everything you need (plates, cups, cutlery, tin opener….)
Extras: Electric vacuum to keep the car clean (connect it to the cigarette lighter)
Different cleaning supplies for the windows (rag and sponge)
Repair kit (5 piece forceps : e.g. pipe tongs, substitues for different sized screw-wrenches)
4 sun shields (suitable as mosquito net)
We also give you a bunch of discount cards for fuel and supermarkets
1 role gaffer´s tape (repairs everything )
We never got any trouble and were happy to have such a reliable car on New Zealand´s unsteady roads.
We are happy to answer any questions, just PM me. If you wanto to, we can have contact via phone afterwards.

Cheers 😊😊



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