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Subaru Legacy Gtb Wagon – $2,000


I have a 99 subaru legacy gtb bh5 with forged v7
sti bottom end and internals. Has vf30 sti single turbo
with link g4 storm ecu and boshe fuel pump & the
usual bov, no wastegate. Incabin boost switch
running boost settings. 12 & 20psi. Misplaced the reciept for the build but I have most service reciepts & dyno sheets for it. Paints a bit faded on the scoop but ok everywhere else. Needs the air
by pass valve replaced for it to be driveable again which seems to be a common
fault with this model over time like everything else that needs maintenance. So the car will need to be towed until parts replaced. Needs new front brake pads, rear&front discs &
exhaust for WOF. It has the ignition taken out of it
from tampering when someone tried to steal it
while I was studying in class but failed because I
had removed the fuses, so I have the replacement
shrouding & ignition to go with it. other than that
its clean inside since being parked back in late
December. Need to get rid of it. WOF is out. Reg
expired back in Sept & it’s been sitting on my lawn
since. 2k O.N.O NO SWAPS, not interested. Thanks



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