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Subaru Legacy GTB – $3,200

Queenstown, New Zealand


6 months rego

Recently serviced, All filters, Oil, Coolant along with thermostat. The gearbox oil was done last year. I service it every 5 to 10 thousand Kms. The engine oil is still clear as honey.

Wheel tracking has been done recently, drives straight and true and doesn’t pull to the side, had steering rack bushes, track rods and ball joints replaced 6 months ago and car hasnt been used much since.

Both turbos work perfectly.

Knock sensor was replaced 2 months ago.

Alternator is was replaced a year or so back. Battery isn’t old either.

Bilsein shock absorbers.

The paint work is average with the usual “Pak n Save car park marks” and stone chips from the winter.

Driver seat has a tear in the side, you can see on the pics, I just put a seat cover on.

I am reluctant to sell her but i use a ute every day for work so its not getting driven. Definitely not selling off a dodgy or rubbish car. I never thrash cars and this one cruises at a 100 as though you were doing 40.



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