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Subaru Legacy 98 4WD – $1,500

Auckland CBD


Rego and Wof till May
This amazing station wagon is also 4WD and has taken me everywhere through the country. Incredible and reliable car that has such a great driving feel. I would not sell it for anything in the world if I didn t have to leave the country.
The body is dinted but the engine is impeccable. Has New battery, was servicedco recently and has a new tyre, new brakes, new oil. This car is made for adventures of utility use or anything else involving loads of driving , not such much esthetic purposes!
It can be converted easily into a sleeping cocoon with curtains for privacy and back to normal with a huge boot.
Also giving away all my camping equipment : a 4 men tent, gaz cooker with butane cans, pots pans etc 
Rego and Wof valid till early May. Feel free to contact me for any questions



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