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Nissan Sentra 1994 – $1,500

Tauranga, New Zealand

Has wof and reg, passed with clean sheet
5spd manual,
1.4L, super cheap on gas
Tow bar

– new clutch, new CVs and new brakes, spark plugs, air and fuel filters.
– Gearbox is smooth with no crunches,
– Clutch is strong and mint condition,
– Engine is in great shape, healthy and does NOT burn or leak oil at all, nor does it use water and has NOT overheated.

I have taken this car to Auckland, Hamilton & Rotorua and used it as a daily for about 7 months now with absolutely no trouble at all.

This has been extremely well looked after and oil and oil filter changes have been done regularly. This shows in how smooth the engine ticks over

It is reasonably tidy inside and out for its ages although it has the odd flaw.



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