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Nissan Primera GX 1999 – $2,500

Auckland City

Up for sale is my pride and joy – my 1999 Nissan Primera. She has served me well over 5 great years but unfortunately it’s time to pass the privilege of owning her to another. Was my first car and I will never forget her.

Some features about the car:
– Has a fat bore p11 Sports Exhaust which adds 200hp (actually does nothing, doesn’t even make the car loud)
– Has a banging stereo which takes AUX and USB which allows for charging of a phone whilst playing music (essential feature for any first car)
– Has a surprisingly narrow body allowing it to fit into the smallest of parks (particularly handy for students trying to get a park near Uni)
– Has a 2L engine with plenty of grunt when needed
– Has a tow-bar which is extremely useful for towing other cars which have broken down but the Primera hasn’t because it’s invincible
– It is so sought after in fact that in my time of owning it, it has been attempted to be stolen 5 times. However the technical prowess of this car is so great that it has never been taken

The downsides:
– Has a couple bumps around the place which can only be expected for a car this ages (see photos)
– One of the results from an attempted steal has taken away some of the plastic around the ignition. This does not affect the starting of the car in anyway however and has not bothered me at all
– Has some cracking of paint on one side due to an inferior person throwing an egg at it (obviously jealous)
– Can be rough on a cold start in the freezing Auckland winter mornings. However this is fixed just by letting her warm up for a couple minutes before driving (which I have always done)

This is honestly an amazing car and I could not recommend it any more highly. It will serve well as a first car with the great gas efficiency safety features.

Any questions do not hesitate to ask, offers are welcome but no low balls please. Pm for more info.



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