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Nissan Elgrande “Elli” *Self-conti* – €6,000


Hello everybody,

I am Elli. Unfortunately, I have to say goodby to my two german friends. After a nice five months travel they have to fly back to Germany. Now they are looking for new friends for me.

Now a few facts about me:

– Nissan Elgrand “Elli”
– Year of construction: 1997
– automatically

– petrol
– at the moment in Wellington: 218xxx km
– Air conditioner
– Rego: 10.2018
– WOF: 07.2018
– Self-Conti: until 2021 -> Toilet unused
-> Self conti = very cheap travel
– AA check made before we start
– Radio with USB and SD card connection

– very clean

I’m in great shape and fully equipped with everything you need for a trip:

– 2 tables to cook inside and outside and 2 chairs
– 2 gas cookers with wind protection

– ingenious storage space for 2 large backpacks

– 4 small boxes for food, 4 small boxes for socks etc., 2 large boxes for clothes, 1 medium sized box for everything else

– a fully equipped kitchen with 5 different pots and a coated pan, one water filter

– towels, cutlery, plates and bowles

– a hammock and a solar fairy lights

– confortable bed with four pillows, a big blanket and also a warm rag

– and much much much more…

I also have good curtains, that nobody can look inside when it is dark.

In the next few days we arrived in Auckland where you can watch me 

You can write a message here or via WhatsApp or phone: +642108514950

You can Pay it in € or NZD

best regards

Elli & friends



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