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Hi everyone,

Our car will be available between the 10th and the 20th of June in Wellington or Auckland.
Self contained until 24/12/2018 (with everything inside to make it self-contained again)
Rego 16/08/2018
WoF 06/10/2018

It is a reliable car, even with 340,000 km.
It has a consumption of 8-9L/100km.
It is compact and with 120bhp it can keep an easy 100km/h on the road (even more).
Most of all it really goes well on any surface / gravel roads / fords !
It is small enough to hang around in town easily, pay less maintenance/ ferry costs, but still we sleep and live comfy inside even in south island during the heavy rains.

We travel with it since January and it never let us down.
Maintenance is up to date with all receipts.
We sell it with all the useful things inside as :
power converter 12V/240V
Water containers, mobile toilets, sink
gaz cooker, plastic boxes with the dishes, chairs…
bed sheets 100% coton + blanket + two pillows + mattress
solar shower, bodyboard and other useful stuff

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



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