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Mitsubishi L300 2007, self contained, 225 000km, double batterie 4950€ à négocier – $8,300


Mitsubishi L300 2007, self contained, 225 000 km, Double Battery 4950 € to negotiate
$8,300 – Auckland

Icar is available now on Auckland and its surroundings for the sum of 4950 € or 8300$ price always negotiable 😁

It’s time for us to split icar because Asia calls us 😜 icar is a van bought from a particular. It belonged to a company that kept the van in very good conditions. We are the first backpackers to have it and we turned it ourselves into self contained like 2 Vans before but obviously we finished our road trip with our best creation 👷 the equipment provided with the van is therefore completely new ( 1 months of use) 😱. Icar represents the perfect between the minivan and the van to keep the driving ease while keeping the inner space of a van 🚐. Robust, compact and young compared to the many van on the market, it won’t let you down 😇

– Van De 2007
-225 000km
– second independent battery powered by a solar panel and connected to a power inverter 300 w
– Manual (less complicated than it appears and consumes less than an automatic)
– WOF 12/18 (possibility of renewal for 1 year at purchase)
– Rego 06/18 (may also be renewed on request)
– self contained 04/2022 (essential for not paying campsites)
– 2,4 l
– 8 L / 100 km

Mechanical point 🛠
Nothing is to be expected if it is not to continue to do the oil drain  which was made in April at the same time as the tchek up and the upgrading of the engine fluids (brakes, cooling, etc.). How to maintain a van in excellent conditions to face the New Zealand mountains 🏔🌋🗻

Kitchen 🍳
Indoor cooking to stay warm 🔥 (Portable Gaz gas with camping table for cooking outside also), sink with electric water pump connected to the second battery 🔋, Gaz gas, cutting board, cutlery, plates, Cups, râpe, casserole, stove, kitchen knives, garbage, 1 Cooler, multiple storage spaces and 2 water tanks of 25 l. 🍽

Living room 🛏🛋🖥
2 Electric plugs 🔌 to recharge tablets or computers 💻 2 Large storage chests 📦 including one available from the rear safe to store all outdoor camping or hiking equipment  🚶 , a sidebar for storing personal objects 🕶📿, clothes 👖👕 and / or food stock 🌽🍔🍫 and to finish off a shoes off 👟. The free lounge area allows you to expand the inner table (part of the wardrobe) to eat or watch your series (#Casa Del Papel) 🎬📺. Free space also allows you to put your bags, races, mess,… or covoiturer other people. The bed is converted in a few seconds (sliding slats to avoid the moulds of the new foam mattress) and gives way to bed 🛏with double cover, tinted glass and thick curtains.

Passenger compartment 🚐
3 front seats 💺 double cigarette lighter + Double USB Plugs (3 a) required for device Refills (not to be underestimated), central storage space for backpacks.

Icar is ready to welcome its new owners for new adventures through New Zealand 😁😎



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