MAZDA 1999 – $3,300


$3300 OR Nearest offer!
1999 Mazda Wof and Reg. (ALARMED) Recently
just got wof. New Fenix radiator so car doesnt have any overheating problems at all. Cheap on petrol and good clean car, Non smoker owner!
Car runs real good and easy to maintain.

All buttons/lights work etc
Sub & amp
Aftermarket stereo (Aux)
car juussssst hit 22xxxx
Spike wheel nuts on, (took the spikes off) but have the log nuts on.
Have got splitters that will come with the car.
Will come with a sparco tow strap too.
Only one small bump on car.

My daily, had for more than a year still enjoy driving it! but not i want to drive manual. Ask me more Questions if you got some, and please no time wasters!! Will set up time and dates to view car cheers!!!



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