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Honda Odyssey 1997 – $3,000

Auckland CBD

Hey guys,

me and my girlfriend are leaving NZ to start a new journey in Australia. This is why we have to sell our Honda Odyssey.
You are welcome to come and take a look at the car on the weekend of the 07-08th of July in Auckland or at any other time before in Northland.

I bought the car half a year ago as a normal van. Then i removed the 4 backseats, built a simple and big wooden bed frame in the back and bought a thick matress and all the other equipment on the fotos and further listings.

While we were traveling both islands and sleeping in the car every day since then there were a few things that either should or had to be done:

– totally new battery (proove existing)
– new wiper (p.e.)
– selfmade curtains

Unfortunately i also had a little accident which damaged the cars look but not its functionality. It is only cosmetic and also passed through the last WOF already. It can not make you any trouble.
Also sometimes we have some trouble to make the right windows going down and the right back door has to be opened from inside.

You should already know :

WOF until: 05.10.18
Regio until: 04.08.18

The best thing about the car is the panorama glas roof plus electric roof. This gives you a lot of brightness during the day and a view at the stars from the bed at night.

Of couse we also collected some useful stuff in the last few months which we now want to leave to you. You will see everything on the fotos as well:

– 1 big sleeping blanket
– 3 fluffy pillows
– 3 bed sheets
– 3 more blankets
– 1 sleeping bag
– 1 bodyboard
– 1 camping chair
– 1 ball
– 1 car jumper cable
– 4 big plastic boxes for storage
– 1 pan
– 1 knife

More details:

– Honda Odyssey 1997
– km
– Petrol

– central locking
– electric windows
– electric roof
– airconditioning and heater

We really enjoyed traveling NZ and living in the car for many months. Hopefully you will do that as well. Send me a message and see you soon in Auckland 



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