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Honda CR-V (price dropped from 3900 to 2800 NZD) made into camper, with loads of extras! – $2,800


Looking for a campervan – look no further!

Reliable camper jeep that takes you everywhere and with all the extras you’ll ever need!

Honda CRV year 2000.
Price: 2800 NZD (dropped from 4000 NZD)
or nearest offer.
Available in Auckland could be discussed).

Did the big Service a few months ago where cam-belt, waterpump (with anti-freeze), timing belt, oilpackings, Clamp bearing etc. was replaced. All this come with a warranty that last until September 2018. The two backtyres are new since one and a half month back. During our two months travel it haven’t given us any trouble and as token of appreciation we’ve takin extra good care of her.

WOF valid through may and REGO until end of may. Though the car is newer then most campervans out there (after 2000) you just renew WOF once a year instead of every six months.

304 XXX km
Like said the cam belt has just been change and next big service isn’t due for another 600 000 km. Oil filter and oil has recently been changed and we’ve kept a regular service on that. Servicebook is available since first owner. We are the forth owner and the second once who have used it as a camper. The car still has all the original seatings and such intact and can easily be turned back to it’s normal state.

The Car comes with a full camping gear including; camping chairs, table, mattress, gas-stove, everything you need for cooking, eating and making dishes, tent for hikes, sleeping bag, pillows, inside lightning etc.

On top of this a bunch of extra things comes with, like a spare tyre, two wetsuits (4/3 and 3/2 medium size) complete fishing set, different balls, lonely planet NZ 2017, USB chargers for phones,roof racks and tension belts, settings of tools etc.



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