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Bmw 328i vert – $2,000

Takanini, New Zealand

Last time posting this due to a fuck around if it doesn’t sell will strip

2k ono

Wof ran out 2 months ago rego on hold.

1997 bmw e36 328i convertible has low ks 148xxxks was gona manual convert and turn into a track car but other things are more important , interior Carpet is damp left the roof down and it rained , front seats have rips no rear seats , some little niglet had a go at the bootlock otherwise drives mint starts first pop eveytime and has no faults on obd , tires are mint all around and ac got done a couple months back so it’s mint for winter have a new grill to replace the front one missing and spare headlights

It’s cheap for what it is either put it back on their road or track it




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