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BMW 323i – $2,000

Auckland, New Zealand

If anything this is the classic German Beast you were always after (looking at you BMW fans). This 1996 BMW 323i Sedan has just over 210,000kms and is in great condition!. I am the second owner of the vehicle in New Zealand, but don’t have the import history of the previous owners from other countries. This car has been constantly serviced at dealerships and is up to date on scheduled maintenance.There are still quite a few months before the warrant expires.

This car is very well maintained, both inside and out. I frequently wash and wax the exterior, polish the wheels, clean the tires, wash under the hood, and ensure oil changes and maintenance repairs are done promptly.Here are some of my favorite specifications/features:

2.5L engine in this beast which produces just over 200 hp @ 6,000 rpm and 180 lb·ft @ 4,000 rpm – a monster!
This car is a fast and luxurious sports sedan!
6 Speed Automatic Transmission.
Previous owner installed brand new tires a few months ago.

Here’s what you get:
The BMW 3 Series
The remaining amount of warranty and rego
Peace of mind knowing that you’ll be in one of the most reliable cars there is, driving a luxury car, and still have warranty on your vehicle!

Here’s what I’m asking for the car:
Atleast $2000 — If you don’t have that sort of money I am open to different price offers that suits us both. I, myself bought this car for a lot more and am only selling because I have another car that was given to me, nevertheless I would only ask for a reasonable price for the car; despite me losing a bit of money.



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