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4×4 Tank – $8,000

Christchurch, New Zealand

Sadly me an my parnter have to part way with this nugget of a machine as we are going back to europe.
It’s a mitsubishi Delica 2.5 turbo diesel. Named Jeoff
I just got the wof 2 weeks ago so valid till end of September and regoed till may (rego is super cheap, 60$ for 3 months)
Super cheap on fuel and a go anywhere attitude, I really mean Anywhere!
Forget about it beeing self contained. If your tired of nz trying to extort money from you by forcing you to pay for campsites ecc
This is the vehicle for you. Just hit one of the million 4×4 tracks nz has to offer and camp in beautiful untuched spots where you wont be bothered by anyone (especially cops)
It comes with big offroad tyres and a A1 mechanical check as I’m a licensed car mechanic. Always well maintained and never gave us a problem.
Jeoff has come a real long way.(about 6-7000km from the top of whangarei to the very bottom of south island doing every stop possible. so its a proven vehicle)
Also comes with everything needed to camp in the wilderness.
Coocker, pots, pans, spices, bed, sheets, cushions, usb chargers, big (and when i say big i mean massive) dual marine/cold start Battery still waranted and full 20l jerrycan ecc
If that wasnt enough This beast comes also with a boat included in the price. It is a sail boat and have taken it on isane journeys. Super capable and higly stable. It also comes with a 5 hp outboard if your not keen on sailing.
It’s super funny seeing people in kayaks staring at you with the upmost jelusy while you zip by relaxing in your boat while you let the wind do the hard work lol.
Any inquiries. Dont hesitate at comtacting me.




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