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2007 Jaguar XJ8 – $9,000

North Shore, New Zealand

Selling my 2007 Jaguar XJ8. It is an absolutely amazing car to drive. Sadly a new job means it sits at home all day.

– Odometer: 172,820 Ks
– Catalytic Converters Deleted – they were getting blocked.
– 6 month Rego on car for new owner.
– Serviced Engine.

It has its bumps and bruises but nothing worth worrying about. There are a couple of issues with the car that I do not have time to deal with. The Key FOB Headlight Button is broken due to my old Cockatoo chewing it, however everything else on the remote works. The second problem is when the Catalytic Converts were deleted it sometimes throws a code to say it is outside of the parameters in the exhaust. The third issues which I have been told is causing issue two is the Intake has a split and is leaking so it is taking in a little too much air. It is a 250 dollar fix with the part coming from the UK. The only excess wear inside the car is on the drivers door handle. I would rather be honest with the next owner as to issues that I am aware of than to waste their time pretending the car is in top shape where she is showing her age in certain areas.

Due to these issues I have priced the car at what I feel is a fair price to get these issues rectified. If you want additional information feel free to PM me. Pice is ONO



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