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2 hiluxs – $9,999


1986 toyota hilux manual 5 on the tree. 310xxx ks runs mint. 18 inch lenso rs5s wound down tortion bars and 2 inch blocks in the rear. Has new glowplugs and engine has been stripped checked and reassembled no problems no wof or reg has rucs doesnt need anything for wof $3500 without wof $4000 with wof and reg
1993 Toyota hilux 2.4 diesel manual 420xxx ks on body has had replacement motor on roughly 220xxx ks runs mint has no problems and all goes hard for a 2.4. had oil line ect put in for turbo when motor went in so is ready for a turbo kit on it brand new tortionbars and lower control arms were only ones in nz at the time. New door cards cost 600. Pretty good interrior. Shaved tailgate handle on the inside. has 18x 9 i think advanti rims sticks to the road like shit to a blanket. New paint job not perfect but pretty good Its sacked as on wound down tortions reset leaves and 2 inch blocks. $5000 as is or $5500 with wof and reg doesnt need anything for a wof other than the front indicator. Will swap both for a 4×4



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