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1999 Nissan Serena Campervan / SC until 2021 / 29****km – $4,800


My travelmate and I are slowly ending our journey through NZ and have come to the point where we want to sell our comfortable yet efficient self-contained campervan which found its use as a home to us for 6 months. This vibrantly colored 1999 Nissan Serena is still in its strong years as it has a good acceleration and is still easy to drive due to it being automatic. It is not just that though, since it also comes with everything you need in order to comfortably live on the road.
It comes with various things, such as
-a portable cooking stove with room for 2 pans and wind protection
-2 camping chairs
-1 portable table
-1 brand new portable toilet
-a functional built in sink and water system
-a built in table that allows up to 4 people to dine inside the car during rainy days
-various storage boxes
-room lighting that spares the cars battery (1 blue led light chain, 1 red watermelon led chain)
-Air conditioning (heat/cool)
-cutlery (knives, plates, pans, etc.)

It also includes a meet up where you could go for a test drive while being introduced to the car and get additional help with getting a new registration and changing the cars ownership, which is on meΒ πŸ˜‰

Test drives and meet ups are available from the 15th april on in Auckland



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