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1998 Subaru Legacy Wagon – $2,000


Price drop from 2200$ to 2000$ or make an offer 
We have a great car to sell!!
Cheap, reliable & comfortable.
We are selling it because we are leaving NZ.

1998 Subaru Legacy Wagon – 2200$
270 000 km
Wof 08/18
Rego 07/18
8-9 l / 100 km
All tires are new

We were using this car for the past 2 months and it has been all perfect. It was just a regular car when we bought it, and we rearranged it all by ourselfers. It has now a comfy bed for 2 ppl and a lot of space under it. Lights at the celling and at the back, curtains for the windows, big boxes to keep food and clothes, 3 warm blankets & a pillow. And of course all kitchen equipments + gas stove, 2 chairs and a table. It is included all for free! It is completely ready to drive and live in.

Note: It is possible to fold the bed and make a regular 5 ppl car!

Car is available in Auckland



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